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If you need legal representation for a difficult matter you or your company are currently embroiled in, the professionals of LawExchange International are here to help. Its member firms have extensive experience in a variety of legal cases, providing personal counseling for their clients at all times. Each of the member firms affiliated with LawExchange International covers defined areas of legal expertise. Perhaps you are involved in a matter currently in public court? The experts of LawExchange International can make sure it is handled quickly and carefully. LEI has created and implemented its own protocols to ensure the needs of any clients its member firms take on are met in full. To give but one example, a free 30-minute ‘No Meter Running’ consultation policy ensures lawyers from one firm can have preliminary consultations with other member firms.

LawExchange: a foundation of trust and competence

If you work with a lawyer from one of LawExchange International’s member firms, you are assured excellent service at all times. A condition for membership of the law network is an unbreakable commitment to delivering only the very best legal advice, and following through on their word. Member firms are expected to provide their legal services:

  • On time
  • On budget
  • With efficient staffing
  • With clear communication to the client should time and budget constraints be exceeded
  • With an indemnity insurance providing full coverage in the relevant jurisdiction

These resolutions mean you as their clients benefit from a consistently excellent level of service across the entire network. Your legal matter will be resolved rapidly in your favor with backing from a member firm of LawExchange International. Its personnel will always take your personal situation and needs into account, to make sure your legal advice is always on point.

Your worldwide legal support structure

Working with LawExchange International allows you to benefit from the legal expertise of law firms all around the world. With 34 independent member firms located in nearly 30 countries, this law network of professionals stands ready, no matter where you need them.