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FIFA 21 – Anthony Joshua’s Featured Squad Battle

FIFA 21 is hosting another featured squad battle event. This time it’s Anthony Joshua’s team that you will have to beat. He is a recurring featured squad battle guest as he has featured in FIFA 20 as well. Joshua is a professional boxer and holder of the unified heavyweight title two times. He is also known for his interest in football.

Anthony Joshua has picked three Icon players for his team.

Icon Ronaldinho is a 91 OVR center attacking midfielder that has 91 pacing, 86 shooting, 88 passing, 92 dribbling, 36 defending, and 79 physical.

Icon Henry has 90 OVR. He is a left-wing with 90 pacing, 88 shooting, 85 passing, 87 dribbling, 51 defending, and 77 physical.

The third Icon is OVR 88 Ferdinand. This center back player comes with 80 pacing, 48 shooting, 65 passing, 64 dribbling, 89 defending, and 82 physical.

Cristiano Ronaldo is part of Joshua’s squad as well. This player is a striker with 92 OVR and 89 pacing, 93 shooting, 81 passing, 89 dribbling, 35 defending, and 77 physical.

De Bruyne is a 91 center attacking midfielder. His stats are 76 pacing, 86 shooting, 93 passing, 88 dribbling, 64 defending, and 78 physical.

Mbappe has 90 OVR. He is a striker with 96 pacing, 86 shooting, 78 passing, 91 dribbling, 39 defending, and 76 physical.

Van Dijk is a center back that has 90 OVR. His attributes are 76 pacing, 60 shooting, 71 passing, 72 dribbling, 91 defending, and 86 physical.

Alexander-Arnold is a right-back and his stats are 80 pacing, 66 shooting, 87 passing, 80 dribbling, 80 defending, and 71 physical. His OVR is 87.

Pickford is the goalkeeper of the team. He comes with 81 OVR and 81 diving, 77 handling, 87 kicking, 85 reflexes, 59 speed, and 77 positioning.

Van Aanholt is a left-back that has 86 pacing, 68 shooting, 71 passing, 76 dribbling, 71 defending, and 71 physical. He has 77 OVR.

Greenwood has 77 OVR as well. His position is a right midfielder and his stats are 81 pacing, 78 shooting, 71 passing, 78 dribbling, 39 defending, and 67 physical.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)