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NBA 2K18 allows MyGM/MyLeague players to use features like draft class generation, trading draft rights, and cap hold to manage their teams and league.

NBA 2K18 has varied modes that offer a multitude of play styles. From all these modes, MyGM and MyLeague stand out as the most complex ways to play the game. For some players, operating their own team or league is way more fun than playing matches on the court. The features and tools integrated into MyGM/MyLeague modes are carefully designed by a team that is well familiar with all NBA aspects.

There is more to an NBA season than just games. It takes a different kind of preparation and planning. The life of a manager is way different than the one of an athlete and NBA 2K18 does its best to outline these differences. This is why features like the following have been added to the game. Each one deepens the gameplay so users get a taste of how’s it like to be a real manager.

Selecting players for the team is one of the main managerial duties. Other aspects are also important,such as to have enough NBA 2K18 MT,but forming the team is the foundation on which managers will build so having a strong one will increase success odds. This is where the draft class generation and the trading draft rights features comes into play. Both features were also in previous versions but have been updated for the current version. The system that generates draft classes was rethought and now provides a smoother way for developers to react to community’s reactions for this feature.

The trading rights feature allows managers to trade basketball players that were drafted but don’t have a contract yet. This was not possible in older game versions. A feature that was introduced in the 2017 iteration is the cap hold along with the renounce rights. Managers are now able to renounce the rights for a player and this will cancel the salary hold for the cap. This feature is meant to offer more tactical options when it comes to recruiting free agent players for the team. All these features are based on real NBA rules.  

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