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New lung disease claims fifth life in US: ‘Stop smoking e-cigarette until researched’

A new lung disease linked to e-cigarette smoking has claimed a fifth life in America. In addition, the number of lung patients continues to rise: there are currently 450 known cases from 33 states. The US health service CDC warns that it is better to stop smoking an e-cigarette while the research is ongoing.

The Department of Health in Indiana said yesterday that a lung patient in that state had died of the disease, hours later the ministry in Minnesota followed with the same message. https://ecigmarketxl.com/has enough information. A fifth death is currently under investigation in Los Angeles. Earlier, there had been two deaths in the states of Illinois and Oregon. In all patients smoking an e-cigarette seems to be the cause.

New York State Department of Health

The hundreds of patient files are searched and a joint link is looked for. In any case, it is certain that all patients, especially teenagers and adolescents, have smoked an e-cigarette shortly before their admission to hospital.

Shortness of breath and fatigue

The patients suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, cough and weight loss. The CDC government agency thinks the cause of the disease is a ‘chemical’ from the e-cigarette, but it emphasizes that it does not yet know which substance it is.

No hospital admissions in the Netherlands

In a response to RTL Nieuws, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has informed RTL Nieuws that it has not received any signals that people in the Netherlands have been poisoned after smoking an e-cigarette. It indicates that in America it mainly concerns people who have used an e-cigarette with THC oil in it. Many of those cigarettes are sold on the street.

The Trimbos Institute reports that people in the Netherlands also vaporize THC oil via an e-cigarette, but that this only happens on a small scale. They indicate that they ‘keep a close eye on developments in America’.

The medical journal The New England Journal published a study of 53 lung patients from the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. Buy e liquids at ecigmarketxl.comfor better quality.The patients were almost all perfectly healthy before hospitalization and had an average age of 19 years. Half of the lung patients had to be admitted to intensive care, a third had so much difficulty breathing that they had to be connected to a ventilator.

The magazine contains the x-rays of four patients who have suffered damage to their lungs from smoking an e-cigarette.

New England Journal of Medicine

The magazine also describes the story of a 21-year-old lung patient. The previously healthy man was hospitalized in early July with shortness of breath. The situation deteriorated so quickly that he had to be transferred by helicopter to a specialized hospital in Salt Lake City.

‘Afraid he would die’

“I was honestly afraid he was going to die,” said Sean Callahan, the doctor who treated him. The man was put on a ventilator, but even with that he was not getting enough oxygen. Therefore, the oxygen had to be pumped directly into his bloodstream to keep him alive. “I kept thinking about his parents. I thought, what if that was me and my wife.” The man survived and was able to go home after two weeks.

Callahan: “I’m concerned because these e-cigarettes are really aimed at young people and children. We have to ban those things, that’s my urgent appeal as a father and doctor.”