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Why should you use a multi-touch attribution model?

Marketing attribution can be difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. It’s important to find a way to simplify the process so you can understand what is working for your business. Odyssey is a web-based tool that gives you reliable data on the performance of your digital marketing channels. With Odyssey, you can identify what marketing strategies are bringing in revenue for your business and which ones aren’t. 


Odyssey solution is a powerful tool that can provide insights and help you improve your website. It lets you see patterns in how customers interact with your site and offers recommendations on how to optimize. The tool only needs a certain amount of data before it can provide significant analysis, so it’s recommended for any business to use the tool regardless of the number of monthly transactions. A new era of customer relationships online is upon us. Odyssey can help you to understand the path your customers take until they convert to a sale. This program gives you insights and recommendations on how to optimize your store in order to increase conversion rates. The more transactions your site has, the better Odyssey will be able to analyze your site. We recommend at least 1000 transactions per month, irrespective of the average order value. 


The customer journey is a complex experience for online customers. But with the help of Odyssey, you can see how your customers convert to sales. With a minimum of 1000 transactions per month, you can work on optimizing your website or process. The more data you have, the more insights you’ll get.

When a customer visits your site, the journey to purchase usually involves many touchpoints. Not every touchpoint has the same value, but each one has a value greater than zero. That’s why we use multi-touch attribution here at Odyssey. Our system credits all touchpoints in the customer journey and offers suggested media spends for all sources. The amount of spend is determined by the attribution model you choose to apply. The best way to understand the performance behind your spend is to switch attributon models. The standard Google Data Studio attribution, and also in Google Analytics is last-click attribution. Advised to switch to a tool that will enable you to compare attribution models like Odyssey.